The Building Blocks of Fintech 2.0

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We are on the cusp of a new wave, Fintech 2.0, where fintech becomes intrinsically more connected to the economy. Fintech is being redefined, as the industry fully appreciates its ability to have both a positive but also negative impact on society.

The prior wave of financial technology primarily focused on digital distribution of existing products and services. Now, we will see how the industry shifts its activity and enables digitally native financial services to be fundamentally reimagined from the core out.

Why now? Over the past decade, the fintech industry transformed from a solution-centric, nuclear ecosystem of solution providers and users, focused on building digital infrastructure - and evolved into one of unprecedented proportions. And at the tail end of a decade of dynamic disruption, growth, and sophistication, the rapid digitization that overtook the global economy in 2020 was a catalyst leading us into this new wave.

In this paper Money20/20 looks at the drivers setting the scene for the next era of fintech and predictions on the changes that will impact the sector in the next five years - The Building Blocks of Fintech 2.0.