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Empowering inclusivity in leadership

Inclusion powers success

Diversity and inclusion is important on every level of an organization, especially at the leadership level.

RiseUp is our global program all about unlocking the next steps in your career, no matter what stage you are at. We provide tomorrow’s women leaders with the network, tools and techniques needed to help them strategically advance and level up in the industry.

Since 2018 more than 175+ women from around the world participated in our RiseUp programs, with more than 60% of participants being women of colour. The impact of the progam is far reaching providing aspiring women leaders with a unique opportunity to strategically create an effective roadmap for their desired career path. What does impact look like?

  • Over half have received a promotion/moved into a more senior role since RiseUp
  • 80% felt more prepared for promotion after RiseUp
  • 82% felt the RiseUp network helped progress their career/opened new opportunities
  • 96% would recommend the programme to their peers

Find out how you can get involved

RiseUp Europe

Applications for RiseUp Money20/20 Europe have now closed. You can read more about the program so you can consider applying next year.

RiseUp USA

Applications for RiseUp Money20/20 USA have now closed. You can read more about the program so you can consider applying next year.

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"RiseUp gave me the confidence to go for a more senior role and negotiate higher pay."

Ellie Hewitt

Director, Real Time Payments


"I now have a whole tribe of women to get mentorship and support from. RiseUp has also helped me network with more C-Suite level women on a regular basis."

Genevieve Dozier

Client Business Executive


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