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Do. Better. Together.

A pledge for change

Money20/20 believes women, minorities, and underrepresented professionals should have a louder voice and more seats at the table in financial services. We work to amplify those voices and open doors through our platforms and program, collaborating with our community to empower real change and erode systemic bias. Inclusion and difference simply makes us stronger.

These facts cannot be ignored:

As of 2019, among the 107 largest public financial institutions in the United States, only 6 had female CEOs | Deloitte

Not one "megabank" (i.e. the top 8 banks in the US) has a female or minority CEO, and less than 25% of senior leadership is composed of women and/or minorities | The U.S. House Committee on Financial Services

83% of tech executives are white | US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

An analysis of 20 of the world’s top financial institutions in 2018 found that in Asia only 6% senior executives are female, in Europe 20%, in the US 33% | 20-first’s European Financial Services Gender Balance Scorecard

U.S. population consists of more than 50% women and 40% minorities, but the boards of directors of the nation's largest banks are composed of only 29% women and 17% minorities | The U.S. House Committee on Financial Services

Our pledge for 2022

  • 40% of all 2022 speakers will be women.
  • Targeted recruiting to amplify Black and Brown voices.
  • 50% of panel speakers will be women.
  • Designing a 2022 fellows programme for rising stars of color.
  • Unleashing the power of D&I through RiseUp.
  • Setting targets to measure and improve.

How can you get involved?

The Do Better Pledge involves commitment to internal and/or external changes that move the dial on inequalities within financial services. We are asking companies to publicly agree to one initiative out of the below as well as being visible about it to your staff and the public. Writing a cheque is not enough to qualify.

Here's what you can do

  • Commit to external and internal changes that matter (not just a cheque)
  • Tell us how you’re closing the pay gap
  • Make plans to diversify your C-Suite and Board
  • Implement changes in recruitment practices/pipeline-building - ensuring more women and people of colour are on the ladder for leadership positions
  • Internal/external mentorship - fostering the next generation of FS leaders
  • Be visibly inspirational and informational

Tell us

  1. Why this was the initiative you chose
  2. How you’ve identified the issue within your company
  3. What steps you’re taking to correct it
  4. How are you measuring it so you can improve
  5. Results if you are far enough in the journey to share
  6. How you are being visibly inspirational and informational to your staff/industry at large about your commitment

We'll showcase the stories behind companies making a difference in the following ways:

  • A powerful series of video pledges on the Money20/20 website
  • Features in our global newsletter, MoneyTalks
  • Via our social media channels
  • Select the best of the best to showcase on our stages
  • Industry updates through periodic digital panels
  • Tracking progress on special episodes of our podcast, The MoneyPot

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Our community pledges to do better together.


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