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Welcome To The Age Of Centaurs

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Out With Valuation, In With Revenue

Is this the end of the Unicorn as we know it? The last decade has celebrated startups reaching a $1 billion valuation making them a 'Unicorn' to signal power and future success. But the collapse and valuation reduction of many Unicorns has proven that valuation alone is no longer the key to a happily ever after. Instead, it's time for focus to shift to revenue and to a new mythical beast.

Galloping in comes the age of the Centaur (youโ€™re welcome for that pun). Money20/20 Wizard, Sanjib Kalita gives you the scoop on Centaurs and his outlook on the future of funding and evaluations.

This whitepaper will demystify and give you a solid foundation in:

  • Overview of Unicorns vs. Centaurs and what the leap from valuation to revenue means.
  • How a revenue shift can support focus, scalability, network effects, profitability, and resilience.
  • A look ahead at real world implications that could impact your business.


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