Recreating the Retailers Payments Stack

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The pandemic rocked retail to the core, and was a time when multiple payments options and omni-channel commerce became vital to survival. Some of the biggest casualties are the mid to large traditional retailers who have declared bankruptcy in record numbers. Their profit margins are being squeezed by the behemoths while a lot of the problem solving has been for small businesses to operate better and smoother. In order to compete, retailers need to be able to move as swiftly as the payments industry, keeping up with new preferences, and experiment with trends. We spoke with John Lunn, CEO and Co-Founder of Gr4vy about creating a solution that allows these retailers to modify their payments stacks, and give retailers much needed flexibility.

John Lunn, CEO and Co-Founder of Gr4vy

Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Podcast Producer, Money20/20

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