MoneyPot Episode 99: Live From Money20/20 Europe - The Crypto Pulse

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Cryptocurrencies have long been considered volatile, but they are also becoming more standard in diverse portfolios. It is more important than ever that we understand how the public and institutions are looking at cryptocurrencies. We are going to speak to Jean-Bapitiste Graftieux of Bitstamp, about their latest study- the Crypto Pulse- and get the low down on what, where, and why crypto is met with both skepticism and intrigue.

Jean-Baptiste Graftieux, Global CEO, Bitstamp

Nick Holland, Global Head of Research, Money20/20
Rachel Morrissey, Executive Podcast Producer, Money20/20

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer, The MoneyPot, Money20/20
Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer and Podcast Lead, Ascential

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