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MoneyPot Episode 97: BNPL has become a Vital Payments Channel

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There are no questions around the popularity of BNPL. It has been hailed as the payments product of GenZ and Millennials, but use by all generations has flourished over the last year. The questions left around it are about whether it is a safe, smart, and fair credit product, or is it a path to bad credit? Is this going to lead to a giant consumer debt issue, or is it a healthy alternative lending product that allows families and those with minimal access to credit to stretch their budgets? We spoke with Gary Stein, Chief Product & Compliance Officer at Opy (and formerly with the CFPB) to bring some clarity to this, and one thing was clear. BNPL isn't going anywhere.

Gary Stein, Chief Product & Compliance Officer, Opy

Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20

Rachel Morrissey, Executive Producer, The MoneyPot, Money20/20
Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer and Podcast Lead, Ascential

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